Dr. Kristen Jaques

B.Sc., Veterinarian

Education: University Of Guelph

Pets: Spot and Zombie

Dr. Jaques graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1998. She has been an associate at Britannia Animal Hospital since 1998 and over the years has enjoyed seeing not only dogs and cats, but various exotic species as well. She has also worked at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic where she gained further emergency education and training. She is a member of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Academy and the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine and frequently attends lectures and conferences regarding all aspects of veterinary medicine. She also enjoys reading articles and journals to further her knowledge.

Over the years, Dr. Jaques has had a variety of pets including: rats, birds and cats. Her family currently share their home with numerous fish, “Spot” the leopard gecko and “Zombie” the rat. She is married and has two sons. In her spare time she enjoys reading, running, cooking and gardening.