Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

With continuing development of animal anesthetic agents and techniques we strive to keep your pet monitored and stable throughout their surgery.

A physical exam and preoperative blood work allows us to identify any abnormalities or fluctuations in your pet’s health and assess these situations before anesthetic.

From local anesthetics, analgesics (pain medications), inhalant anesthetics and injectable anesthetics; the variety of agents allows us to choose the most suitable one for your pet.

In addition to our technicians monitoring your pet at all times, we also have a monitoring system, which enables us to see your pet’s vitals (i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, temperature, CO2 and SPO2 levels etc.) throughout surgery.

Your pets are monitored throughout recovery as well to ensure they are comfortable and safe and ready to go home as quickly as possible.


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