Parking We have ample parking available on our spacious paved lot. If you need any assistance bringing your pet to and from your car please advise us and we’ll be happy to help.  
Front Office / Reception Our reception area is where your visit will commence.  Here you will find a scale for larger pets to be weighed, informative reading materials and our educational bulletin board covering a variety of topics.  
 Front Office / Reception  
 reception3 2015  Pet Supplies Our retail shelves are fully stocked with everything from food to nail trimmers.  We carry food products for a variety of species, a vast selection of bird toys and many grooming products.  
Feline Exam Room Our feline exam room is spacious and equipped with many different instruments used for assessment.  This room is used exclusively for feline examination in hopes to decrease the stress level they can exhibit during their visit.  
Canine Exam Room Our canine exam room is generous in size, and equipped with many different instruments used for assessment.  And, perhaps most importantly, full treat jars.  
Avian & Exotic Exam Rooms For our feathered, scaled, and more “exotic” furry patients, we have examination rooms with special equipment designed for their needs.  These rooms have a small gram scale to weigh our lighter friends.  
 Avian & Exotic Exam Rooms For our feathered, scaled, and more “exotic” furry patients, we have examination rooms with special equipment designed for their needs.  These rooms have a small gram scale to weigh our lighter friends.  
  Pharmacy We have an on-site pharmacy to allow us to make up most prescription medications your pet may require.  All medications are reviewed in detail with you before your departure in terms of dosage, potential side effects and how to administer.  
   Radiology Room Our radiology room is where we can get to know your pet from the inside out (pardon the pun).  We are equipped to run radiographs on all pets from reptiles to dogs. We have a digital x-ray system, which allows us to offer you quick results and less exposure to your pets.  
  Laboratory Station Our laboratory station is where we perform any in-house tests for our patients, such as fecal testing, cytology and urinalysis. We have an in house blood chemistry analyzer. This allows us to run your pets blood while you wait and offer you quick results.  
   Treatment Room This area is where the doctor will carry out any medical treatments deemed necessary during the exam. We also use this area to prepare all patients for surgery.  It is a spacious area, allowing us to accommodate any size of pet (from hamster to Great Dane) and provide them with any required medical intervention.  
   Dentistry Suite This is where all the dental magic happens, from basic cleaning to extractions.  We a have a digital dental x-ray unit to allow for a better assessment of your pet’s oral health.  The suite is outfitted with appropriate monitoring equipment to ensure your pet’s health and safety throughout the procedure. We are able to scale and polish your dog or cat’s teeth with our ultrasonic dental unit and specialized instruments.  We are also equipped for the dental needs of smaller pets such as chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits.  
   Surgical Suite A little daunting at first glance, our surgical suite is actually pretty comfortable.   The surgery table is adjustable to accommodate various sized patients.  The surgical light allows focused light on the surgical site.  We have a state of the art monitoring system to enable us to record patient vitals such as: respiration, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen/carbon dioxide levels while your pet is under anesthetic.  This room is kept to the highest standards of hygiene.  
  Incubators Our incubators are used for both post-surgical and ill patients.  These temperature-controlled warming units assist in recovery from anesthetic or provide additional heat, oxygen and humidity to those who need some extra TLC.  
  Critical Care / Recovery Area This is for our friends who require extra attention and monitoring.  We make the compartments more comfortable for our post-surgical or hospitalized patients by cushioning them with blankets and keeping them warm with thermal discs.  Our staff ensures these patients are evaluated regularly and bring any concerns to the doctors’ attention immediately.  The close proximity of this area to the treatment and surgery rooms allow us to transfer a patient quickly should the need arise.  
  Isolation Room The isolation room is where we accommodate our hospital patient who may have health concerns that could potentially be passed along to other patients.  This allows us to treat this pet without endangering others.  
  Canine Ward Our spacious runs are where our canine boarders stay.  Each unit allows enough space for your dog to move around and not feel cramped.  There is ample natural light and the staff pay frequent visits to our guests.  
  Dog Recreation / Exercise Area Because there’s nothing more enjoyable than the fresh outdoors for our canine friends, we have an expansive backyard to provide our guests with walks during their stay.  
  Feline Ward Feline boarders are housed in these spacious compartments.  While our staff clean “Fluffy’s” suite, your friend can romp and play in the room to ensure they also get some exercise.  
Avian Ward This is where our feathered friends gather when Mom and Dad are away.  Our large avian boarding room is furnished with cages of various sizes, enabling us to house anything from budgies to macaws.  Music is played continually in the room to soothe our guests during their stay.  
 IMG_2824 Grooming Station We are fully equipped to give your pet a day at the spa.  We brush out, clip, trim nails and blow dry, making your pet look his or her best.  



 Departure Note Parting is such sweet sorrow, but we would like to thank you for joining us on this tour, and hope you enjoyed yourself.  For more information, or to have a LIVE tour, please call or drop by our clinic.  Our professional, warm staff would be happy meet you.  See you soon.