Additional Services

Boarding, Microchip, Pet Supplies, Hospital Tour, Nutritional Counseling

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    Pet Supplies

    Our reception area displays many items your pet will need for proper health care. If there is a product you would like that we do not have displayed, please feel…

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    Hospital Tours

    Here at Britannia Animal Hospital it is very important to us that our clients feel not only welcomed but like they are actually part of our team when it comes…

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    Nutritional Counseling

    Pets need various nutritional requirements depending on their age, breed and health status. For example senior pets have significantly different requirements that young puppies or kittens. As well animals with…

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    Microchip Pet Identification

    Microchipping has become a very popular and safe identification tool to reunite lost pets with their owners. Microchipping involves the placement, with a hypodermic needle, of an electronic chip, about…

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    Services for our patients: These are services we provide to our patients.  Our dog and cat patients must be up to date on vaccinations and parasite control.  Our parrot patients…